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Open for Contracts
Eye Am
I've decided to open up for contracts for a little while. My
interests are generally in reverse-engineering and
kernel/compiler/emulator development, but I've extensive experience in
all sorts of development and design. If it piques my interest and I
know what I need to do, it'll be done.

 Key skills:

  • Extensive software reverse-engineering experience with a specialty in file formats and network protocols
  • Compiler development skills with a specialty in high-level->high-level compilers and bytecode->machine code ahead-of-time/just-in-time compilers
  • Kernel development with a focus on pure-managed kernels, microkernels, and general embedded kernels
  • Game protocol reverse-engineering and client/server reimplementation


  • Use: Python, Boo, C, Nemerle, x86 assembly, ARM assembly, Power/PowerPC assembly, Ruby
  • Use occasionally: C#, C++, Perl
  • Will not use: Java, PHP

 If you have a project at any stage of development, shoot me an email
(cody DOT brocious AT gmail DOT com) and we'll discuss it.

 - Cody Brocious (Daeken)

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Hahaha, I wish I saw more resumes with "Will not use: Java, PHP" on them.

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